i may not be posting much, but i am definitely still writing!

this is doing me a world of good. while i'd love to be writing more and have more time to think about nano, i'm happy to be amassing many fine words every day. some i even like!

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despite some bad stuff going on in my life at the moment, the writing is staying with me. i'm enjoying the challenge greatly, but realized that i had to recalibrate my wordcount when i transcribed one of my two page writing sessions. i've actually written more words than i originally thought. huzzah!

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Hey, I've been busy. :) This isn't even counting the word count of all the cover letters I've been writing. Mostly this has been work on my epic, but I do have a few ideas for NaNo that I'm working on fleshing out.
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time for an update...

it’s now day, uhm… 5.

things are going quite well. i missed saturday because of busy-ness in that ‘real life’ stuff, so one of my free passes has been used already.

regardless of that, i’ve managed to actually write about 500 words per day instead of 250. still have to type everything up to see what my real word count is (i’m slowly filling a notebook with longhand scribbles).

in all that i’ve managed to come up with about four new story ideas, a few of which i’ll be fleshing out and editing once i get them into the computer.

this feels really, really good.

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warming up for nanowrimo...

my muse has been stuck in the mud quite long enough. nano is looming and my brain feels like mush. not a good thing.

so what to do? a new little challenge, of course!

the goal: 250 words or a new story idea per day from now until nano starts

the rules: 250 words each day. a new story idea counts as 250 words so long as it gets a bit of fleshing out. there are 5 free passes (days when i can skip).

ready. set. write!

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uhm. hi!

so, yeah. the writer's block thing kicked in (actually, a full on creative block) and i've not written anything other than drabbles in over a week now. crud.

i'm going to continue to plug along and update my little number counter thing as i get something, but there is no way in hell i'm gonna make the goal. i keep trying this every couple of months and seem to keep ending up with around 15k before i realize that i'm still not ready to write this saga i'm carrying in my head.

so, i'm back to tearing the world apart again and rebuilding from the ground up. something in me knows i'm going to have to keep doing this, because everytime i dive back in, the story still works at its core, no matter how much i've changed the world it's set in. i've somehow set up a very adaptable story. i think i'll know when i've truly got the worldbuilding sussed out when the story starts to sing in tune with the world.

meh. anyway, i'm still here, still plugging away.

in closing, i'll leave you with a quote that is short, sweet and to the point:

"Never, never, never quit." - Winston Churchill

Daily Quote

Super busy at the moment, ladies, but since this only takes about a minute of my time (and also I need a break, since I'm at work staring at a computer screen) I'm taking the time to do this. Your quote today comes from, where else? The Brainstorm Gallery.

Nothing gives an author so much pleasure as to find his works respectfully quoted by other learned authors.
-Benjamin Franklin

Happy writing! :)

Daily Quote

So yes, I completely spaced yesterday and didn't put up a quote. I kept thinking to myself, "I've got to put one up there" and then I never got around to it. *sighs* Anyway, today's quote comes from, you guessed it, The Brainstorm Gallery. No real reason behind why I picked this one, save that I thought it was interesting.

Literature is the art of writing something that will be read twice.
-Cyril Connolly

Happy writing, ladies!

Daily Quote

Hey there, everyone! Hope your muses are treating you well. Today's quote comes from The Brainstorm Gallery just to shake things up a bit. :p

Writing is so difficult that I feel that writers, having had their hell on earth, will escape all punishment hereafter.
-Jessamyn West

Have a great weekend, ladies, and may your muses cooperate! (I know mine has taken a page from Layren's muse's book; she's locked herself in the closet and flat-out refuses to come out. Getting words out of me right now is like pulling teeth... *sighs* Guess it's a good thing I did all that writing last week!)